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Different. This is how we are and this is how we do things at Joy Academy. We deeply care about people. 

We care about you. We want to see you winning. 

This is our life-long project. We am passionate about helping millions of people become their best version of themselves. We want to give you, our fellow humans, a boost in happiness, well-being, and mental health. We want to remind you that you matter. We want to share with you the pure joy that we get to experience daily. We want to bring some laughter, humour and play to your personal development.

We're here to love people and let love do the teaching.

Our words for 2022: Connection & Community

For 2022, we've planned 334 days of daily challenges.

All 2022 is about 1% daily improvement.

Are you in?

Follow now our 334 Daily Challenges and be a part of our growing community.


Follow our journey and reach out to us for 1-1 coaching, trainings, seminars, workshops, books, workbooks, planners or just to say 'Hi'!
Everything we do is aligned with bringing back that aliveness and joy of being alive to over 100 million people by 2025.

We hope you become one of them and pay it forward.

With love,

Joy Academy Team

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