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about our founder

Passionate About Inspiring Others

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Meet Cristina

Positive Work Culture Expert

Chief Happiness Officer

Chief Wellbeing Officer




  • Cristina aims to put a spotlight on the value of a human-centric culture. Research shows that happiness not only affects individuals, but also happy employees are more connected, productive, less likely to be sick and more engaged with others inside and outside the workplace.

  • Through her inspirational stories, expertise and science-based practices, Cristina tailors her keynotes, webinars and workshops to meet the needs of each audience and organization. The sessions aim to inform, inspire and offer hands-on tools to start making a difference in the workplace.

  • By becoming more aware of workplace well-being, teams can focus on what makes them more productive and happier.

  • Participants will return to their daily work with new ideas, implementable tools and a better understanding of the role happiness can play in a healthy and dynamic workplace.

Trainings and Certifications

  • Health Optimisation 2023

  • UPW, Tony Robbins, 2023, 2019, 2018

  • Neuroscience of change, Dr. Joe Dispenza, 2022

  • Mental Health First Aider, 2022

  • Counselor, 2021

  • College of Public Speaking, 2021

  • Award in Education and Training, 2021

  • The Science of Well-Being, Yale University, Laurie Santos Professor Psychology, 2020

  • Coaching, The Academy for Modern Applied Psychology, 2020

  • The Science of Happiness, with EDX Berkeley University of California, Dacher Ketlner,  2019

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