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our founder


Passionate About Inspiring Others

I'm Cristina.

Blessed and unstoppable.

I have been able to overcome trauma, burnout, depression, anxiety, countless failures, toxic relationships, and procrastination.

Got myself out of a life lived on autopilot and awakened to the truth within.

I am deeply grateful for all the guides I have had in my own journey to unconditional happiness.

I am now on a mission to guide you and millions of other souls towards a life on your own terms.

A life with you as your number 1 priority and your well-being at the core of everything you do.

What makes me qualified to guide you, on top of my complex life experience?

I have over 35 different qualification and more than 11 years experience in what makes us happy and fulfilled. My passion for neuroscience has enabled me to understand how the brain works and to research innovative ways to hack our own behavior so that we can align with what we really want.



  • Delivered over 1000 1-1coaching sessions.

  • Delivered over 150 soft skills, well-being and mental health trainings, workshops and seminars both online and in corporate environments.

  • Created over 100 bespoke corporate presentations, trainings, courses and events.

  • Researched and implemented active learning techniques to engage audience and keep the trainings interactive and fun.

  • Impacted the lives of over 1.000.000 people both online/ in person.

  • Immersed myself in over 300 personal development trainings, workshops, seminars all over the world, to grow and serve better.

  • Volunteered at UPW Singapore, as a trainer, in a team of 500 ,serving 10.000 participants from over 45 countries at a personal development global scale event, to be able to support you better. 


  • I'm a certified Education and Training Professional.

  • I'm a certified Counselor.

  • I'm a certified Life Coach.


  • I'm a certified Science of Well-being professional.

  • I'm a certified Mental Health Expert.

  • I'm a certified Mindfulness, Reiki, expert.

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