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Inspired by the desire to create a better world by educating people to become better, Joy Academy began in 2019. Pretty quickly, this inspired desire evolved into a full-fledged movement. Joy Academy has become an Education Movement that challenges the status quo, holding our leaders accountable and actively seeking for solutions that will transform society.

Welcome home, dear soul!

I am Cristina, the Founder and CEO of Joy Academy.

My dream is to inspire millions of people to get excited to work together, build a lifelong community and contribute to creating a brighter future, by creating a brighter you, regardless of what's going on around.

My commitment to giving back is backed up by free live seminars and life coaching sessions, where I share how to understand and solve your challenges, so that you can be happy. 

Why do I want you to be happy first and foremost?

Because happy people are helping people. 

Fill your cup first and then pay it forward. 

The world needs as much help as it can get.

Looking forward to welcome you in Joy Community, your growth and self education family. 

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