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It's just the right time to boost happiness, well-being and mental health at work.

Around 450 million people currently experience mental health problems. Recent reports suggest that over 12 million working days were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in just one year. It’s important that employers are transparent and open about mental health issues. Increasing the understanding of mental health among staff at all levels, focusing on well-being and happiness at work builds a culture of care and support. 

Try our Happiness at Work Booster. We offer you a free 1 hour corporate training as a taster of the value this kind of trainings bring into the work environment. 

Outcomes of Happiness at Work Booster:

- Boosts mental health, well-being and happiness at work

- Provides practical tools with immediate implementation

- Promotes core values of the company

- Improves collaboration of teams

- Improves personal and professional life

- Improves company's productivity

- Improves customer service

The interactive techniques that we use in this training are proven to lead to higher levels of staff well-being, satisfaction and engagement over time. 


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